It seems that every blog has an “About” section, so being the follower that I am….here is mine.

So what am I about? Well my moniker is Simpli. I chose it because I believe the only way to truly enjoy life is to recognize the simplicity that dictates all our actions throughout it. Therefore, Simpli indicates the way that I am choosing to live.

I am a young twenty-something who is trying to navigate the path of adulthood (It’s funny to say  because legally I am considered grown, yet internally I do not feel that way). Friends describe me as quirky, which is just a nice way of calling me weird. But whatever, I’ll claim it. I am QUIRKY!!! I have the most random thoughts, and I do the oddest things. You can always expect me to have something to say at any given time, not that I will share it with the world but I will be thinking “something”. I love my idiosyncrasies so when others attempt to put me in a box of what they believe I am, I get offended (This is most likely due to pride) because how much can you ever really know a person?

Anyway, let me stop rambling. Welcome to my blog. The extension of myself, and an outlet for my random thoughts. The door to my mind is wide open so please step in. Hopefully your visit will be entertaining enough for you to stay.



  1. julia said:

    Thanks for the like! Nice to find others writing about the roller-coaster 20s experience! Hope to see you back!

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