A Strange Feeling

It’s a strange feeling

The feeling of being among friends

Yet at the same time sensing a strange disconnect

You hear the conversation going on around you

You add a comment here and there

But despite all these things, you feel miles away

It’s truly a strange feeling when sitting among friends conversing

You take a mental step away and evaluate the connections you’ve made

With some, it’s tightly pulled, strumming from the tension of closeness and mutual understanding

The feeling that manifests itself as a click

A turning on of a switch that allows you to automatically, immediately connect

There are no awkward silences among you

Just the gradual dying away of a conversation

With others, there is a connection

A loose string that sags completely

It’s a connection that has been made

Forged with effort and care

Yet, in spite of this the ones connected know the least about you

The click isn’t there

It doesn’t exist

All the interactions occurring between you feel clumsy

Like fumbling in a newly darkened room

It feels dark, uncomfortable

It holds the awareness that at the slightest aggravation they will turn

It’s truly a strange feeling

When sitting with others

You innately know who is truly a friend

And who is a snake waiting to strike

I know you wanna say something- so just say it! Lol!

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