I Don’t Wanna Grow-up!

When Did You Realize You Were an Adult?

Adult. I find this word loaded with so much meaning.

Legally speaking I have been an adult since I turned 18, but being a teenager meant it didn’t really count for much unless you got into trouble with the law.

When did I realize that I was an adult…..well it was probably when I went on a trip and tried to withdraw funds from an ATM and got the message INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.

I didn’t feel like an adult because I was broke, but because someone had hacked into my account and made several large purchases. My sense of adulthood came with the realization that the “bad things” could and do happen to good, innocent people such as myself (Lol!).

So I guess I can say that I realized I was an adult when a bit of my naiveté was torn away and I shrugged it off as part of life.

Prompt was a courtesy of Plinky

I know you wanna say something- so just say it! Lol!

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