You…Yes You…You’re the Problem!

Sabotage. It’s a word we know fairly well. We use it whenever we feel that someone, or something, has prevented us from reaching the goal we had in mind.

We throw it around playfully in conversations, as a sprinkle of light humor, “Joan why did you post that embarrassing picture of me on Facebook? Are you trying to sabotage me?”.  We take a stab at a frenemie’s character. “You will not believe what I heard Jill said about me. She is such a saboteur!”

As much as we claim to understand the act of sabotage, I feel that we don’t truly take the time to evaluate the real saboteur in our lives.

Now you’re probably wondering what I am talking about, you’re  saying ” I already know the source of my problems.” Well back up, take a deep breath and find the nearest mirror.

Yes, the gorgeous person looking back at you is your saboteur: the main reason for your roadblocks of life.

Well…maybe it’s not that way for everyone, but during my self-reflection (yes, I self-reflect.) I had to ask myself this question, “Do I self-sabotage?”

Sadly, the answer was yes.

I self-sabotage because I find myself pushing good things away because of fear. A cute guy keeps trying to get my attention, I ignore him or just disappear from his vicinity (I am so immature!). There is a position that a mentor recommends that I apply for, I find excuses as to why it wouldn’t a good time to take the opportunity.

Looking at my actions, I can only conclude that the sabotage is probably a manifestation of low self-esteem. I feel as if I’m not good enough, so to prevent others from seeing the flaws within me I push away opportunities when they come knocking. Continuously, I close doors then stand there envious of others and their successes in life; letting life pass me by.

Well DAMMIT! NOT ANYMORE! What is the point in that?

Anyway, acceptance is the first step, so I have accepted it and decided to move fearlessly into my future. Where it will take me I don’t know, but what is the worst that can happen? Someone may reject me because of my flaws but so what, out there are those who will accept me, as I am, flaws and all.

Have you ever discovered that you were the saboteur? What happened? How did you change?

  1. That def sounds like me sometimes and I hate it. For the longest time that’s all I did was sabatoge myself and now its getting to the point where I’m sick of it. I knew that I could always do better but I just never pushed myself hard enough or I was to scared. Its crazy! But I am so glad that I see it now rather than years down the road.

    • Simpli said:

      Exactly! It’s crazy what we do to ourselves. But acceptance is the first step, Lol! So now you just have to step fearlessly into the unknown!!

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