I made this by myself. This is free for anyone...

I see a level of arrogance in creating this blog. Its very existence rests on the assumption that my musings are of importance to some random stranger.

I can imagine a learned person pursuing her blog roll and randomly stumbling upon mine. A light bulb goes off as she reads, seeing intelligence and wit in my daily thought process, and she feels an instantaneous connection to what I am writing. Arrogant I know!

Yet isn’t this what an author relies on whenever she writes? Every time a book is published, everyone, from the editor to the publishing house, is relying on the fact that somewhere in the world there is a literate someone with time to spare. They hope that the spared time is on their novel and that time bolsters the creation of a long-term relationship.

So literate someone, please spare me a second and take a glimpse into the chaos that is my mind. Perhaps my musings will intrigue you enough to stay.

I know you wanna say something- so just say it! Lol!

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